River Rock & Stone

We also have bagged mulch available for $3.33



#4 River Rock

This is our biggest multi colored River Rock. It is roughly a 2" rock

$34.00 per scoop

#57 River Rock

This is our smallest multi colored River Rock. It is roughly a 1" stone.

$34.00 per scoop

Pea Gravel

This is our smallest bulk decorative stone. It is a multi colored pea sized peebles.

$34.00 per scoop

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1 scoop River Rock = 1/2 of a ton


1 scoop River Rock covers 50 sq ft



2 scoops of sand = 1 ton


How much can my truck fit?


It depends on the truck

We will gladly load your truck or trailer first to see how much it can handle



 If you would like us to deliver your stone or Mulch call and place the order and we will deliver,


New Washington ~ $10.00



Chatfield                 ~ $15.00

Sulfur Springs



All other locations ~ $35.00




1 yard covers 124 sq ft re-mulch


100 sq ft for first time mulching area


What fits in a truck?


Small truck = 1 yard

Short bed = 1.5-2 yards

Full size bed = 3 yards

Full size with toolbox = 2 yards

Interested in using bagged mulch instead?


Bags (2 cubic foot bag)


1 inch deep= 24 square feet

2 inches deep= 12 square feet

3 inches deep= 8 square feet

4 inches deep= 6 square feet


*16 bags equals one yard if done the avg. of 3” thick

Black Mulch

This is a color enhanced enviro black mulch

$34.00 per cubic yard

Brown Mulch

This is a color enhanced enviro brown mulch

$34.00 per cubic yard

Red Mulch

This is a color enhanced enviro red mulch

$34.00 per cubic yard

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