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 It's getting warmer!!!  

spring 2.jpg

    We are finally seeing warm summer tempertures. Our grass is still growing very fast due to our wetter than normal weather. Please keep in mind, don't cut your grass too short to try to keep up with mowing, it will just encourage weeds to take over.
     It is not too late to plant. Get your garden planted or start that landscaping project you have been wanting to do.
     Now is a good time to trim shrubs like boxwood, they have a lot of new growth right now.
     Evergreen shrubs and trees can be trimmed up. only trim off about 1/2 of the new growth on the tips of evergreens like Globe Spruce, Birds nest Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce.
You can also trim other shrubs like Barberry,  Chamaecypa
ris Mops, Vintage Gold Chamaecyparis, Weigela (after it blooms). Euonymus, Lilacs (right after blooming only).
     After all this work, set back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!


Beautiful Roses!!!

A beautiful addition to any garden that provides excellent color all season long!

Visit our Plants and Hardgoods page to learn more about the different varieties of roses we carry, or click here

Small shrubs are great!!!


Do you have a couple areas in your landscape that need a smaller shrub? Here are a few shrubs that will stay smaller or you can keep them trimmed to a smaller shape.

berberis cabernet.jpg

Cabernet Barberry


My Monet Weigela

Berberis Sunjoy Mini Saffron 1_1080_1080

Sunjoy Mini Saffron Barberry


Green Gem Boxwood


Mr Bowling Ball Arborvitae

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