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We carry over 20 varieties of hostas.

Some of our most popular being Francee(shown), June, Patriot, Sum & Substance, Big Daddy and may more!


Some of the most popular varieties we carry are, Plum Pudding(shown), Caramel, Fire Alarm,and Purple Palace. These plants are known for their unique foliage colors which range from lime green to deep purples and reds.


This is a unique variety of plants that have succulent like foliage and love the heat. Some of the most popular varieties we carry are, Autumn Joy(shown), Neon, Pink Bomb and Voo Doo. We carry other varieties available in different flower and foliage colors. 


This is a colorful variety of plant that produces blooms all season long. This particular variety 'Rozanne' produces a purple flower for a majority of the season. We also carry two similar varieties; Biokova (light pink flower), and Max Frei (deep pink color). Any of these are sure to add a lasting color to your plant collection.


We have over 40 years of experience with growing perennials and we carry over 35 species of plants.  Shown below are a select few of our best sellers. To see our other numerous plants, stop by or call to see what other unusual perennials we have to add to your garden!


We carry both Knock Out and Drift Roses in multiple colors and varieties



Click on either of the logo pictures for Knock Out or Drift to learn more about the varieities and what they have to offer


Varieties we carry

Single Pink

Single Red

Double Pink

Double Red


White Out

Varieties we carry





Trees & Shrubs

*This is not a comprehensive list but it contains Botanical and Common names of our more popular plant species . For more varieties and specific questions please stop by or give us a call.

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